Author: Djstump

Who am I you ask? I’m one half of the Taylor boys, Marks the name and Djstump’s the handle. Am I an actual Dj? Nope but back on topic. I play video games and solve problems… I currently have orange hair, spend most of my free time playing Resident Evil games over multiple platforms and like to listen to the odd Discworld audio book from time to time.

Altered Beast – Zeus, Save Your Own Damn Daughter!

Altered Beast Header Image

In which Djstump rises from his grave and fights his way through hordes of the undead in, collecting floating balls of testosterone, in order to defeat the evil Neff (or was it Biff?).

That’s right, we’re taking about the classic, side scrolling beat ’em up Altered Beast

Resident Evil – What a Mansion

Resident Evil What a Mansion Header Image

In which Djstump talks us through a recent playthrough of the first game in one of his favourite series: Resident Evil.
Locked in a mansion, with only a lock-pick and some bad acting. Can he puzzle his way out, or will he get eaten like his favourite Jill sandwhich? Only one way to find out.